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Black Joak Morris have over ten years’ experience performing for a wide range of audiences in venues from traditional dance halls to circus big tops, elegant bars, inner city pubs and on country roads.

The sound of our talented band, plus the ringing bells as we dance, the flowers and ribbons on our costumes, and the cheerful energy of the morris, add an enlivening spirit to any event.

As well as traditional English folk dances we offer a wide range of other entertainment. We have danced, sung, played music, acted in plays, and taught workshops at weddings, birthday and christmas parties, corporate events, and festivals.

Costs & insurance

Please contact the Squire with the details of your event and what type of performance you would like us to provide, and we can discuss how to best suit your budget and requirements. Black Joak Morris hold personal accident and injury insurance and public liability insurance.



Please allow at least three months of notice to book these performances.

Plays, games + special performances

Please allow at least six months of notice to book these performances.